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Special Services

Certain projects require special requirements.

Remodelers need a contractor that will work based on time and material, within a bid, and on a deposit and three-stage payment basis (demolition, rough in and inspection and trim out).This is routine and guaranteed process for the professionals of Technical Edge, Inc.


Our technicians work alongside realtors that require sales agreement provisions or inspection report work to be completed professionally, promptly and without complication in order to receive timely commission payment.


Insurance companies have strict requirements for electrical panel replacement. Changing Federal and local regulations may preclude insurance coverage if not done correctly. The same situation applies to wiring schemes that were routinely used in older homes, such as those using cloth insulation, aluminum wiring and knob and tube wiring. Not only are these system dangerous, particularly as they age, but they are almost impossible to get covered by insurers. Technical Edge, inc is a qualified electrical inspector that regularly works with insurance companies to complete inspection forms and correct unacceptable systems so they can receive insurance coverage.

Condo associations have special needs. Technical Edge, Inc. works with associations and CAMs on call to do remodeling, club house wiring, common area lighting, exercise room electrical set up and adequate power to handle wi-fi and security systems. We install ceiling fans, light fixtures and do inspections for the entire condominium complex.


We work closely with property managers, to install fans and lights, wire security systems, and respond to tenant calls relating to electrical problems. We also work on new home property acquisition forms, preparing properties of rental occupants, installing systems for AC and pool pump replacement as necessary after theft or vandalism and tenant-installed motion sensors.

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