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Landscape Lighting

Have you ever driven past a beautiful building at night that recedes into the darkness? Imagine that same property, tastefully lighted to emphasize the fine details of its design and setting. Proper lighting creates an instant transformation. The property becomes more attractive, more impressive, and even more valuable.


After-dark traffic notices it and responds with approval and, often a desire stop in or return later to visit. Exterior lighting for your home or small office building is like a display window that says, “Welcome” to guests, visitors and shoppers.


Technical Edge Inc. is expert at designing and installing exterior lighting that pays for itself in added pleasure or customers. Exterior lighting also provides a level of illumination that discourages home intruders or burglars. We also specialize in energy efficient LED landscape lighting that is attractive and inexpensive to run. Installed properly, as Technical Edge, Inc professional electricians are trained to do, the increased security and peace of mind is well worth the modest investment.
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landscape lighting

Photo credit to McKay Landscape Lighting, Inc.

Landscape lighting can enhance your property value, provide extra security, and beautify the street presence of your dwelling.

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 Landscape Lighting Light It Up Right

We Use Alliance Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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